Poker88qq game with basic total 2D mode is the slightly improved version of regular 2D game that guesses only two numbers.

How to Play Basic Total 2D poker88 asia Game

There are many variations of Poker88qq game we can play that offer different excitement; 2D for example, which is basically one of the simplest game modes, has more exciting version of Basic Total 2D game. In regular 2D game, we only need to guess two right numbers out of the four winning numbers, and it does not matter whether they are the first, last, or middle two numbers. However, Basic Total 2D offers slightly different take: you need to guess the total of the last two numbers.

Two-Number Addition in Poker88qq Betting Game
This is how you play the Basic Total 2D Poker88qq game. Let’s say that you are reading the betting market and various predictions, and are sure that the winning numbers will be 1267. If you choose this game mode, you must add the last two numbers until you find one digit. In this case, it means 6+7 = 13, and then 1+3 = 4. This means that players can win if they guess the last number will be small and even.

On the other hands, if the winning numbers are 3512, it means that the last number should be 1+2 = 3, and you can win if you guess that the last number will be small and even. So, unlike the usual 2D game, you do not guess the actual numbers, but just the big/small and odd/even.

Why This Is a Favorite Game
Unlike the regular 2D, you do not have to guess the exact numbers, but simply guess whether the numbers will be odd, even, big or small. As long as you pay attention to the number markets, you should be able to win some cash. Also, this Poker88qq game usually allows several withdrawals in a day, so this is quite a casual game despite requiring more calculation strategies than the basic 2D game.